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Guys, we have made an English channel especially for you. link -
10 реальных битв животных снятые на камеру. Посмотри!
►Канал NiceTops -
►Bubble в Вк -
Наверное ждете ссылки на видео из топа? :)
10. Леопард против Кабанов -
9. Львы против Жирафа -
8. Бык против Лошади -
7. Слон против Бизона -
6. Горностай против Чайки -
5. Сколопендра против Тарантула -
4. Черная мамба против Мангуста -
3. Белка против Змеи -
2. Койот против Волков -
1. Корова против Барана -
Мне лично было интересно делать такое видео! А вам видео понравилось?
Это видео далеко не про смешных животных! За исключением белки :)


Guys, we have made an English channel especially for you. There is a link in the description below the video. in which the strongest wins the truth Hello, i'm Babble, is 10 minute bouts of crazy animals captured on camera GO! Leopard vs. Wild boars Leopard, seeing, like easy prey, deeply mistaken. Warthogs, protecting their offspring, madevery cunning maneuver, taking the run, they attacked the cat from different sides and left her a chance to apply their reaction. This lesson will remember it for a long time.

Lions pride VS Giraffe These guys' lips is not a fool. " Why hunt miserable cows, when there is a 4 meter other than meat. Perhaps it is so thought lions. But how wrong they were. Even all the pride they can not put a giraffe at least some injury, except for scratches. As the kids from fighting off a surprised animal. Lions still lucky enough that they do not hit a hoof, otherwise the outcome would have been not so much fun. Raging Bull VS Horses In 2012, in one of the traditional races of bulls in the Spanish city of Segorbe, there was a terrible intsedent..

Bull brutalized by madness attacked a horse and nearly gored her to death. Eyewitnesses observed only for a while,and rider miracle was not trample furious animal. Elephant vs. Buffalo Elephants-friendly, peaceful and quiet establishment, but sometimes go scrip, and there is no more time on landterrible and destructive creation. It is not known why the elephant is mad and what provoked his harmless calf. The poor animal tried to escape from the brutalized elephant, but he did not have a chance. Multi-ton monsterall the weight of the buffalo and rammed lifted skyward. Even has immobilized his body did not stop, he continued hisfinish is not only a lifeless carcass left.

Ermine VS Seagulls It would seem that little cute animal, ermine. But this wounded seagull so obviously does not think. Bird of prey did not expect to become a victim of ermine, especially sitting in the water. Impudent animal climbs on the bird, trying to drown her, but manages to repel the seagull and nibble on the offender. Due to the injury, it can not fly, so there is nothing left to her how to fight for their lives. Ermine does not stop trying to get around the bird, but after a long and desperate battle, he still surrenders Centipede VS Tarantula.

The animal world is full of creepy creatures. Centipede - one of predstoviteli this category. Almost thirtycentimeter monster straight out of a horror movie. Patrolling its territory, centipede finds nothingunsuspecting tarantula. Centipede attack with lightning speed and the spider, without even having to figure out is inthe open arms of the terrible creature. And now it is waiting for a long and painful death Black Mamba vs. Mongoose Black Mamba, one of the most poisonous snakes on earth. It is able to kill a person within hours, but it is a mongoose It is not only a bad meal. Even considering the fact that the slightest scratch from the deadly mambas, does not stop courageous animal..

Black Mamba commits a fatal shot, but manages to dodge mongoose. He quickly grabs her head and starts to shake, that would break the back, and then gently bites her head Squirrel VS Snakes Perhaps, in this top, no one expected to see a squirrel. I do not know why she decided to attack the snake, instead of just gnaw nuts. Initially, the snake trying to crawl away from the mad animal, but still it has to take this fight. After a couple of bites cobra point, the protein seems to be surrendered, but was followed by a sharp counterattack. She snake bitten through her head, but did not stop Bloodthirsty monsters, wounded and bitten reptile, but it all also I survived and was able to crawl Kayot VS Packs of Wolves ^-_-^.

The reason for unthinkable and reckless things sometimes is hunger. Greedy coyote prey on someone else saw carrion, decides to eat meat, but does not have time to eat properly, how immediately it begins to hunt a pack of wolves, do not finished so easy to part with their good. Look at their eyes. They are like the poor guy waited. Wolves quickly overtake insolentand ruthless with him, without giving him the slightest chance of survival And in the first place gets Cow VS Baran What these guys have not divided a mystery to me..

The cow apparently remembered what she had been given the horns and decided to compete with the champion in this matter. And of course, Knockout not long in coming. Sheep stood quietly after such a crushing blow, but whether the cow survived, I'm not sure. I think that it is cracked skull. :( Thank you for watching!Sorry for the bad translation!


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